The significance of visual graphics and story-telling cannot be emphasized enough in the present days and is undoubtedly one of the greatest breakout trends in the recent past. The concept of web design is not a new one, though it’s evident that it has to be re-defined every once in a while. Since the last few months, the focus of web design has been on responsive designing and this cannot be denied. However, is the future of this arena likely to be the same?

When we talk about this, we are evidently reminded of how content delivery is more crucial than the content itself. Design is a considerable influence on the innumerable decisions that we make every split second each day in this aspect.

The success of Pinterest and Instagram has clearly shown that visual content and beautiful design is becoming the success mantra. Now, companies are focusing more on visual appeal since it has proven to be a great success For example, Facebook videos and timelines are doing wonderful. In fact, such visual appeal is likely to change content marketing’s outlook in the coming days. 

If you are wondering what makes great design the future of content marketing, here are some genuine reasons that substantiate the statement.

Responsive Screens Are a Must

With various mobiles and tablets available in the market in all price ranges, almost every individual owns one. It is easier to carry these devices than carrying a laptop everywhere. It has become compulsory that websites and apps have responsive screens. For example, a person accessing a website on a desktop will have access to the entire website, whereas a person accessing a website on his mobile/tablet should be able to view the mobile version of the website automatically.

So, businesses have started realizing the importance of responsive web designs and are welcoming this trend wholeheartedly as it’s capable of generating great leads for their business.

Apps Are the Leaders

The strategic importance of intuitive design has contributed to the fast growth and popularity of several services. So, app design is compelling web designers to be more creative and innovative. For a majority of today’s businesses, the design is an important pillar for their overall brand experience.

This is why big brands like Facebook and Google are no more just purchasing technology, but also employing designers capable of creating visually memorable and rich experiences. Companies like Microsoft are also refocusing on this aspect since forward-thinking firms realize the innovative design is the future.

Importance to User Experience

Websites that have beautiful visual effects like parallax, sliders, or slide-out panels are appealing to the masses and youngsters because of their user experience. Simple websites have become boring and outdated. Mobile apps that are task-oriented and have minimalist design have been doing well and that’s the reason why so much importance is being given to designers. Since user experience is very much vital for every business, great web design is what can accomplish a positive user experience. So, no wonder that good designs would form the future of content marketing.

Videos and Images Have Greater Impact

Blog posts with videos and picture depictions have a greater impact on the audience. Tutorials and informative posts that have screenshots and graphic explanations are easier to understand. It’s easier to market videos and images than promoting content, which is why designing goes a long way in affecting the future of content marketing.

Infographics Is a Great Way to Make Use of Minimal Space

Infographics are also becoming popular to showcase your content. The mix of information on the graphic depicts a lot of information in just one picture. Facebook promotions with infographics are doing wonders. Instead of putting long and boring posts on FB, infographics gives a great way to advertise with minimum space.

Making most use of minimal space is also an art and you have to spend enough time in making them look unique but equally informative. Your information and graphics should go hand in hand. Outreaches of such posts are way more than a normal post.

Webinars are also another way in which you can keep viewers engaged. It is far more informative and easy to understand. Websites with webinars are ranking well and instantly people subscribe to such videos if they like them. It is a great way to build a loyal fan-base.

Presentations are also a good way to present your content. Over time, the quality of presentations has increased drastically and this is a good way to market your services or build a case study.

The increasing importance of emphasis on design is good news for startup companies. Today, the world is in the middle of a renaissance that places mobile and online experiences on top. The ever-growing range of connected gadgets indicates a future wherein users will appreciate a more intuitive and cohesive interface.

In conclusion, we’ve already started coming across businesses with innovative design approaches that is being rewarded greatly with incredible opportunities for growth. A few of the best examples of such companies are Instagram and Pinterest. This, by itself, justifies that great design is the future of content marketing.