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Almost every business worries about how to actively engage their audience on social media. There are many ways to engage your audience. Here are some tips.

1. Have a Sense of Humor

Many people say that their business social media account has to be strictly about business. This need not be the case; you will have to be careful about your image in general. However, on social media, you will have to be sociable. You need people to relate to you, so share a joke or two, show them that you are humorous too and people will love it.

2. Give Them Some Business Tips

People always love getting tips, so go ahead and offer them some business tips on your line of expertise. No matter what kind of business you are in, there will be a lot of things that you are aware that others are willing to hear.

3. Motivate Them

Always make sure that you inspire your audience or engage them to find out what motivates them. Post some motivational quotes and inspire them.

4. Throw Some Open-Ended Questions

Ask your followers some questions. It will allow them to express their viewpoints and help you connect better with them.

5. Provide Some Sort of Offers

People love any kind of offer or deal, so ensure that people receive something in return for following you.

6. Give Some Information about Your Business

Provide an insight about you to your audience; they would love to know.

7. Ask or Offer Opinions

 You can give or ask for other people’s opinions. It is best to stick to a topic of niche. However, you will find that people love voicing their opinion.

8. Provide News about Your Niche field

As you are a part of an industry, a lot of people would expect you to know the latest news about this industry. News is a great way to engage with your audience.

9. Fill Up the blanks

If you want your audience to talk to you, ask them to fill up the blanks as it is a great way to go about. Just post a fill-up of the blank kind of a question and let the audience answer.

10. Strike Conversation

If you want to engage your audience and find out what they are up to or how they are doing in general, strike a conversation. It will make them feel good that you are really concerned about them.

11. Display Testimonials

Testimonials are really important on business websites. Display testimonials to your audience and it will help them understand your products/services better and they will start trusting you more.

 12. Q&A Sessions

If you are an expert in the field of your business, a lot of people would want some answers from you. So, have Q&A sessions and answer all the queries of your audience.

13. Conduct a Poll

If you want to find out some information about a product or service, then the poll is a great way to ask a question. Involve people to participate; you will also get the desired information.

14. Conduct a Caption Competition

Whether you put up some prize or not, your audience will love caption competitions. The funnier the image is, the better, but no matter what sort of angle you are looking for, you will find that this is a great way to get people engaged with your brand.

15. Make Predictions

People love seeing predictions and they love coming back and congratulating someone for a correct prediction or criticizing someone for a wrong prediction. Both ways, people will keep coming back for your comments and engaging with you.

16. Crowd Sourcing

Though this is pretty similar to requesting people for their opinion, when you crowdsource ideas, you are trying to be specific. If you want to introduce a new product, ask them what they like to receive and see if you can produce products as per their preference.

17. Discuss Current Affairs

Twitter and Facebook are two of the best platforms to discuss current affairs. Giving live updates or views when something is happening is an effective way to display some personality and have conversations with people around.

18. Appreciate Your Audience

If you have a lot of followers who are buying products from you and recommending you, they are being good customers as well as followers. So, take time to appreciate them and thank them for their support; you will have a strong bond with them if you do so.

Provide your audience with some technical tips. They follow you for many reasons and they will never say ‘no’ to learn new things.

20. Be an Advisor

Provide your followers some valuable advice on how to make the right choices while choosing products or services. There will be a good connection with your audience when you address their concerns by being an advisor.

21. Speak Out Your Thoughts

Everyone has thoughts during the course of the day, so why not put your thoughts across. You will be surprised to see that many people think the way you do and it will help you connect better with them.

22. Recommendation

Recommend other people who are from your industry and are also experts; by doing so, you are allowing your audience to connect with more such personalities, and it will also display your character of being selfless when it comes to helping your audience.

23. Share the Truth

There might be many products or services in the market that are not legit; expose them and show your audience what the reality is. They will thank you for your help.

24. Share  Audio/Video Clips

Provide video or audio content on a timely basis in order to engage your audience. Share content that adds more value to them.

25. Just Ask

It is simple as it sounds; just ask your audience if you need to know something from them. They will be more than happy to answer.